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Week 3 -Defenses to Genuine Assent David and Karen Wilson are in the market for a new home. After looking for months, they finally historic Victorian home that offers both character and comfort. The home needs some updating. but most of the settle on a work seems to be cosmetic so they set aside a conservative budget for the renovations. The inspections go well, except for some minor findings that the seller quickly offers to fix in order for the sale to go through they close on the property, they hire a contractor to begin the renovation work. During the demolition process their contractor finds that behind a seemingly newer wall there is mold that developed from a leak on the roof near the chimney. According to the contractor, it seems like there was evidence of trying to patch the lealk unsuccessfully and putting new dry wall to disguise the damage. The roof repair and mold removal will add another $4,000 to the already tight renovation budget. In addition, the day after they close on their home, the city passed a new ordinance requiring historic home renovations to undergo review and approval by an architect specializing in historic preservation. Prior to the closing, David asked the realtor if there were any limitations to renovations on historic homes in the area. The realtor responded: not at the moment. The Wilsons realtor is part of the city board that approved the new ordinance. The cost of hiring an architect to review and approve their plans will significantly add to their budget and time. The Wilsons feel like they were deceived by the seller and their realtor. Based on the facts of this case, can the Wilsons recover from the seller and/or realtor? Are there any exceptions? Explain your answer. Answer the prompt and respond to at least two of your peers posts. You must make an initial post before you are able to view the posts of your peers. To view the discussion board rubric, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Show Rubric.
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