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Question: week 3 workout room for lab use this space to...

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Use this space to present your thoughts on this Week's Lab.

-What is your proposed SQL for one of the queries for the Lab Scenario?

-Discuss the process or steps you used to write your SQL.

-Please post your screen print and see what classmates are posting.

-Collaborate with classmates on your SQL and help other classmates with their SQL code.

See below for Lab Scenario.

Adventure Works Cycles is a fictional company that manufactures metal and composite bicycles for sale to commercial distributors in North America, Europe, and Asia. Adventure Works is a multinational company headquartered in Bothell, WA. The firm recently acquired a manufacturing plant in Mexico that makes touring bicycles and subcomponents of other bicycles. The company is currently seeking to expand its market share by targeting high-volume customers, expanding availability of products on the Web, and lowering production costs.

Executives have requested some information to help them make strategic decisions to carry out this business plan. As a business analyst for Adventure Works Cycles, you will write SQL queries to retrieve the needed information from the corporate database, analyze this information, and make recommendations to management.

Deliverable's to Share with Classmates:

Please share your SQL code for one of the queries listed below.

-Territories with high year-to-date sales

-Salespersons with low year-to-date sales

-Highest selling products

-Products with lowest total order dollars

-Average standard cost by product category

-Average discounted unit price by product category

Unfortunately this is all that was given for the lab scenario. I think the metadata will be hypothetical. I'm sorry that was all that was provided for the discussion, there was no link to any reference in the textbook or anything.

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