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Week 6 Project Instructions Final Project For this assignment, use data from W1 Project Suppose you have information that the average stress score of students in online universities is 13.15 using Minitab compute a one-sample test to find out whether the stress scores reported by your sample are significantly different fro the population of online students. Report you r analyses in APA format and write an APA-formatted interpretation of your results for each test Move your output into a 1-page Microsoft Word document and write your interpretation of the one-sample t-test follo Submission Details: . Name your docume nt SU PSY 2008 W6 Pr ype hese to search
Rempling xportry ANOVA Fatonial Coreluation Regression Sinary Chi-Squa Cress Tabultion Contiuous Atrbute Graphs and Forecast Rnalysis of Control Charts ime Series Make Similar 1-Sample t: StressScore Descriptive Statistics N Mean sioev SE. Mean 95% Cl for μ 72 122222 7.1606 08439 (10.5396 13.9049) mean of StressScore Test ll hypothesis Alternative hypothesis H, μ 13.15 Hi μ ; 13.15 T-Value P-Value 1.10 0275 C10 i C11 Recal2 D Sex EthncityAge Car Type of formation Stressteveld tressScore Recall 23 BlueCoistLow Racals Confidence Recall Colo 24 GreenCoistent DOLL F10 4 5 6 7 8 0
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