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Part 2 of 5 We now obta n an estimate of the area of this region with a Riemann Sum e. a collection of rectangles whose combined area approximates the area under the region On your graph, slice the area up into 4 pieces by drawing 3 evenly spaced vertical lines from the x-axis up to the curve. Then using the left side of each slice as the height, sketch in 4 rectangles on your graph; these four rectangles should overlay the region under 1/x between 1 and 2. What are the x-coordinates of the left edges of the rectangles? Enter your answer as a comma separated list of fractions Plug these x-coordinates into f(x) 1/x to to compute the heights of the rectangles. Find the areas of the 4 rectangles and add them up. This is your first approximation of the area under the curve. What is your answer (as a decimal with at least four digits of precision)? Is this an over- estimate or an under-estimate of In(2)? Overestimate Hint Video mp4) Hint Video (.wmv) Submit Show the answers (no points earned) and move to the next step

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