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What are the basic elements of the global economy? What, for you, makes the current world economy distinct from the world economy that existed 100 years ago?

  1. Consider these two questions and then decide which one ( element you think is most fundamental and most distinctive of today’s global economy.
  2. Then find one (1) image on the Internet that you think best represents best this one element. Then:
  3. Go to the course blog site:
  4. Create a post.
  5. Add your image to your blog post. If possible, embed your image as a hyperlink. If uploading, please use the smallest size possible. Provide the URL for the site where you found the image. This is your citation.
  6. Under your image write a short, 100-200 word explanation of what you’ve posted, what it represents, and why this element of the economy is so fundamental.
  7. Before you finish, give your blog post a 2- or 3-word title that captures the essence of the element you are presenting. Also add a keyword tag of the element you have represented.
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