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What are the steps to finding the answer?
Activity 17: Measuring Bearing and Azimuth ways to express compass directions. If not due north, south, east, or west, a bearingis uth toword east or west, where the angle is less than 0 (eg N 73E). An azimuth is wise from north, where north is zero degrees (e.g. due east would be 90, due south would 270). Procedure: The bold arrows point North. Measure the bearing of each non-bold Bearings and azimuths are be 180, due west would be 270). The arrow. To make accurate measurements, extend lines where needed. Remember, you may measure from either North or south so that the angle is always less than 90 (e-g. N 74 E). Also measure the azimuth of the same line. Recora your answers in the table provided. bearing azimuth BI D. E. G. H.
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