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Question: what could cause this error im using spring postgresql on...

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What could cause this error! I’m using Spring, postgresql on intellij
2019-01-24 20:19:53.780 HARN 16424 2019-01-24 20:19:53.793 INEO 16424 main] s.c.a.AnnotationConf igApplicationContext : Exception encountered during main] ConditionEvaluationReportLoggingListener: Error starting ApplicationContext. To display the conditions report re-run your application with debug enabled. 2019-01-24 20:19:53.798 ERROR 16424 main] o.s.b.d.LoggingFailureAnalysisReporter APPLICATION FAILED TO START Description: Failed to bind properties under to com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource: Property: driverclassname Value: org.postgresq.Driver Origin: driverclassName from property source source Reason: Failed to load driver class org.postgresq·Driver in either of Hikariconfig class loader or Thread context elassioader Action: Update your applications configuration Process finished with exit code 1
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