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What do Fmbrise of bacteria do? A) catch food of the above 8) absorbing liquid food sticking to a substrate 87.What is the evolutionary advantage of dm closed ciraulatory yse circulatory syt A) open circulatory system are subject to blood pressure is higher in an open C) blood in a closed circulatory system can be D) blood loss is greater in open circulatory system shuntedwhere E is mos E) A and D only. Picking up naked extracelluler DNA malecule is A) transcription B) conjugation E) transformation. ent deficiencies of this esse 89. lodine is added to commerclaty prepared table salt to minerat, which glandis) require lodine to function prope A) Parathyroid gland B) Adrenal gland c) Ovarles and testes 90. Which of the following do all fungi have in common? A) melosis in basidia 8) symbioses with algae C) sexual life cycle D) coeneotic hyphae 91. To which kingdom would a multicellular, eukaryotic, organism belong? Al Protista B) Fungl C) Plantae. D) Animalla None of the atove 2. Protonephridia are excretory organs found in D) E) vertebrates B) insects C) jellyfish. Animals are distinct among multicellular organisms because: A) their cells lack rigid cel walls and are flexible B) they can move rapidly and are in more ways than members of C) they develop from a zygote in a characteristic embryonic D) they show great diversity in size, form and structure in adharacerfstic embcvaryotic ki E) all of the above choices are correct.
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