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c. information is the basis for decisions d. stability creates risk 2. Assume in the next 12 months, the consumer price index rises from 252 to 259. This me the U.S. inflation rate over the course of 2019 have been closest to a. 6.8 percent b. 4.1 percent c. 3.2 percent d. 2.8 percent 3. One reason inflation has remained low in recent years in spite of a huge decline in the unemployment rate is that: a. The U.S. dollar has appreciated in the foreign exchange market b. wages have been falling c. both of the above have occurred d. none of the above have occurred 4. Which of the following would work to boost consumption spending? a. an income tax cut b. an increase in stock market prices c. a decline in interest rates d. all of the above 5. Suppose reported (nominal) GDP rises from $21,000 billion to $22,500 billion in the next year, which the nations price index (GDP deflator) increases from 110 to 115. Then real GlD What is #3?
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