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What is millions of $

Suppose the prioe of coated paper in China is $880 per ton. China exports coated paper to the Unlted States at $720 per ton. The Chinese government does not subsidize domestic producers of paper. Assume that China is the only exporter of coated paper to the United States and that Chinese producers of coated paper act as one firm. which of the following polices could the United States apply to China under the rules of the World Trade organization A safeguard tariff An antidumping duty An import quota A countervailing duty An export subsidy to U.S. producers of coated paper Suppose the US. Department of Commerce reverses its decades-old policy of not applying duties to imports from non-market economies and announces that it will apply an antidumping tariff against China to the full extent allowed under the WTO rules. In response to this announcement, Chinese producers coated paper raise their export prices of to avoid paying the duty. curve, s is the suppose this graph shows the market for coated paper in the United States, where D is the demand domestic supply curve, and PM is the nitial price of imported coated paper. PRICE (Dollars per tonl Price el Imports enect on ps
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