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Question: what is the focus of operations management multiple choice customization...

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What is the focus of operations management?

Multiple Choice

  • customization

  • quality control

  • producing goods efficiently

  • producing services efficiently

  • designing, supervising, and improving the transformation process while keeping costs down

What are some of the benefits of technological advances such as CAD-CAM? Select all that apply.

Check All That Apply

  • It allows manufacturers to make small changes quickly without having to completely redo a production process.

  • It makes it possible for companies to customize even the smallest orders.

  • It allows companies to design machinery that can produce multiple product variations at any time.

  • It reduces the need to rely on outsourcing.

  • It encourages creativity in the production process.

What effect has robotics had on manufacturing?

Multiple Choice

  • increased costs

  • increased customization

  • introduced technical challenges

  • improved efficiency

  • reduced flexible manufacturing

At which point in the production process do companies today conduct quality control?

Multiple Choice

  • before the process begins

  • at the end of the process

  • at the beginning of the process

  • throughout the process

  • in the middle of the process

What impact does lack of inventory control have on a firm’s efficiency and profitability?

Multiple Choice

  • Supplies and materials sitting idle cost the company money.

  • Overall product quality may fail.

  • It increases the need for higher quality control.

  • It causes delays in manufacturing.

  • The firm will need to reconsider its access to resources.

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