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Operations data (in millions) Materials Control, beginning balance, January 1, 2014 Work-in-Process Control, beginning balance, January 1, 2014 Finished Goods Control, beginning balance, January 1, 2014 Materials and supplies purchased on credit Direct materials used Indirect materials (supplies) issued to various production departments Direct manufacturing labor Indirect manufacturing labor incurred by various production departments Depreciation on plant and manufacturing equipment Miscellaneous manufacturing overhead incurred (ordinanily would be detailed $ 20 150 150 98 35 25 as repairs, utilities, etc, with a corresponding credit to various liability accounts) Manufacturing overhead allocated, 2,500,000 actual machine-hours Cost of goods manufactured Revenues Cost of goods sold 12 296 406 302 PrintDone Clear All 99+
HW Score: 96.09%, 14.41 ot Question Help pool (manufacturing overhead allocated at a budgeted $26 per machine hour in 2014) The following data (in milons) show operation costs for 201 %Instructor-created question Doyle Transport assembles prestige manufactured homes one indirect-cost has two Click the icon to view the operations data (in milions) Read the tequirements Now record the entry to allocale the manufacturing overhead Journal Entry Debit Credit In milions) TWork-in-Process Control Manufactuning Overhead Allocated Record the cost of goods manufactured off S206 Journal Entry the s overi Work in Process Contiol tional M www.acc Choose trom any list or enter any number in the rout Rlesids ad tal that the All parts showing th k Check Anwer a e 8 9 a W E RT Y U A S D F GWhat is the manufacturing overhead allocated?
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