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This project will deal with vibration isolation systems widely used in lorries, buses, large off-road heavy surface mining. construction and agricultural vehicles. Use of a vibration isolation system is a common way to present the vehicle operator from the adverse effects of vibration exposure. The conventional suspension systems include an air or metal spring and hydraulic absorber. Due to the physical restrictions of such systems, there is a need for a more reliable and efficient way of vibration isolation. The objective of this project is to investigate a dynamic suspension system that minimizes the vertical oscillations of the vehicles body regardless road conditions. This can be archived using systems with near zero stiffness at the nominal position, which include an air-spring and pneumatic damper. The scope of the project includes mathematical modelling of the mechanical-and-pneumatic system. The student should have some basic knowledge in applied mechanics as well as strong computational skills. What is the meaning of the zero stiffness at nominal position? Could you explain briefly in terms of the engineering perspective.
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