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What is your opinion about these messages related to Configuring DNS Servers, DNS Zones, DNS Records?

Determining DNS Installation Requirements: before you can start you using DNS you first have to install it and before that identify the requirements of the install, from what I read most DNS do not require a lot of resources to operate.

Installing DNS: this is a very quick process and con be done by using Server Manager or Windows PowerShell. Before installing there are a few things to keep in mind such as, security preferences, fault tolerance, and what kind of performance is required.

Using Root Hints: these are what DNS servers use to find the root servers. This is essential because the root hints must be configured with root hints to resolve queries for names that are not authoritative.

Configuring Zone Delegation: subdomain is a child domain which of course is apart of a parent domain. subdomains allow you to give names to different services, departments, or places within an organization. Basically, subdomains allow you to break up larger domains into smaller ones.

Creating and Configuring Stub Zones: a Stub zone is a copy of a zone that contains only necessary records in the master zone. The stub zone also allows the server to forward queries to the name server that is authoritative for the master zone.

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