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What must be present in the serum for tests based on hemolysis of RBCs?
13. What are some sources of error that cause in vitro consumption of complement?
14. What are STS?
15. What is the difference between treponemal and nontreponemal tests for syphilis?
16. In syphilis testing, what are biological false positives (BFP)?
17. What antigen is used in the RPR and VDRL?
18. When must the needles used in the RPR be checked?
19. How is the delivery needle used in the RPR checked?
20. How can the room temperature affect the RPR?
21. What is the speed of rotation for the RPR?
22. How do the titers of nontreponemal tests for syphilis vary during the course of the infection?
23. What is seroresistance?
24. Which serological test for syphilis is used to diagnose neurosyphilis?
25. What is the titer of the following qualitative VDRL?
26. What is the absorbent in the FTA-ABS?
27. In the FTA, what is fixed to the slide?
28. What is the most sensitive test for the diagnosis of syphilis?
29. Which STS can be used to follow the course of infection?
30. Interpret the following results: RPR – reactive; FTA-ABS – Non-reactive
31. What methods are used to diagnose Lyme disease?
32. When might a febrile agglutinin be ordered?
33. What is the significance of Salmonella O and H titers in the febrile agglutinin test?
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