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Question: what types of hardships and dangers faced by american soldiers...

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A passage from the October 8, 1918, diary entry of Corporal Elmer Sherwood, a soldier in the American Expeditionary Force in France: Two of our fellows had already been wounded by an explosion near our kitchen this morning, but I was determined to go back for some mess because I was so confounded hungry. Besides shells seemed to be landing everywhere and one place scemed about as safe as another (or as dangerous), so I climbed out of the trench and made my way carefully back to the clump of bushes where our kitchen was concealed. I had just got a panful of slum and started eating when I saw part of the temporary trench which I had left screened by an exploding shell. I thought it had come over the trench, but no just then Smithy and Netterfield jumped out calling for stretchers. I dropped my mess and ran to the trench and looked in. Poor Art was dead, one arm completely severed from his body. Danny had a hole in his stomach and we placed him on a stretcher and sent him back to the first aid station. I have seen many die, but none have been so close to me as these fellows. I have worked with them and fought beside them every day since I joined the outfit, and they have been my best pals. But we must carry on, whatever happens.

What types of hardships and dangers faced by American soldiers does Sherwood's diary entry describe? What other harships does the entry hint at?

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