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Question: what was frazier amp sons earnings before interest taxes depreciation...

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What was Frazier & Son's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) for the year 20Y2?


Frazier & Sons, Inc. Part A Frazier & Sons, Inc. Balance Sheets As At December 31 20Y2 2071 Current assets $ 2.1005,700 Markerable securities (Note 1) Accounts recelvable-net (Note 2) Inventory (Note 3) Prepaid espenses Other current assets tNate 4) 10,000 143.900 184.100 91.900 126,600 9 200 Total current assets Flxed assets Machinery and equipment 364,000 250,700 119.600 (27,100) 7B,800 17.100) 58.800 Accumulated depeeciation 1,300 6.500 s 463,700 317.300 Intanglbles (Note 5) LIABILITIES AND EQUITY Current llabilities Accounts payable current porton-LTD °Note 6) Notes payable-bank (Note 7) Accrusd espenses Acerved taxes 125.500 59.800 3.900 12,500 152,800 1400 9,200 4,400 Total curreat labilitles Defecred faderal Income taxes Long-term debt Equity Capital stocs-par salue 135.00 per share) Retained eomings 700 17.00071.50 93.400 90,000 170.000 Total equity 300 400 3663 700 337.300 TOTAL LIADILITIES AND EQUITY The notes thar folloe the income statements are an integrai part of these inancal statemerts 2 Credit Sdis Assessment

Frazier & Sons, Inc. Part A Frazler & Sons, Inc. Income Statements Years Ended December 31 Net sales (Note 8) Cost of goods soid Gross profift Operatiet expenses 321.900 248.800 10,100 6,600 10,700 14300 9,700 11.000 8,400 7,000 0.200 Office suppies Provsion for douteu socounts R800 120,200 Seling and promotion Shipping 9,700 7.900 Interest Expense Amortzaton of patent rigts Total operating expenes 271.200 203400 Operating Income 45,400 Other income (experses) Gon loss) on sale ot fixod assets 120,0001 income tax (None 9 300- 13e00 Not profit after tax The notes that folew are an integal port of these fearcat statements Frazier & Sons, Inc. 3

Part A Frazier & Sons, Inc. Notes to Financial Statements Note1: Markerable securities ace shown at the lower of cost or market Note 2: Accounts receivalble ate shown net of an allowance for uncollectible aecounts of $8,400 Note 3: lnventory is shown at the lower of cost or marker applied on a first-in, first out (FIFO) Note 4: Other current assets consist of notes rwceivable evidencing kans to an officer of tbe Note 5: ntangibles, including patents and copyrights, are amortized over a pertiod of 10 years Note 6: Loog-term debt consists of an eqipment loan tot ibe parchase of new conveyor lines in 20Y1 and S9,000 in 20y2 basis. Inventory at the end of 20Y0 was $76,900 company. These loans are to be repaid next year comesponding to their useful lives. Principal is payable over three years as folous 2013 3,900 20Y4 20YS 5,000 4,100 Note 7: Noes payable -bank ae 90day notes The moeat sbown is dac for sepayment orn Note & Sales are recognized at tume of shipmens acnd are shown net of the 20Y2 sales recurns Note 9: Provision is made for deferred incoene taxes resulring from differences herween boolk March 20, 20Y3 totaling $13,000 and tax income. Depeeciation is ealculased using the declining balance (accelerared depreciation) method for income tax purposes wbere applicable. Tax credits are recognixed in the year eatned 4 Credit Skilas Assessment

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