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What will be your "Propose Initiative" as a pharmacist on (Sexually transmitted infection) in a neighboorhood mostly dominated by African Americans?  

Pls review this for me and help me proofread too

A culturally suitable initiative about Bronzville that are typically subjected by African Americans will be to offer a sexually transmitted infection(STI) screening for all male and female residents between the ages of 15 and 60+. Initiatives such as weekly seminar, STI awareness posters/billboards, sexual education STI focused seminar will be established. Some portion of this establishment will include performing urine screening test, physical examination, treating sexually transmitted diseases, discussing reports with the patients. The main aim of this initiative is to decrease the prevalence and incidence rate of sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes simplex among residents of Bronzeville neighborhood. While executing the screening is crucial, educating on initial screening is also prominent such as advising individuals to avoid having multiple sex partners and elucidating on how having multiple sex partners can upsurge their likelihoods of been infected with many of this sexually transmitted infection. Correspondingly, whilst this infection is primarily engrossed on the sexually transmitted problem, we can as well educate the residents concerning their personal hygiene and engaged them on ways to dodge utilizing of contaminated materials as such activities can escalate the rate at which the infections can be circulated among the population. Counseling based on proper medication usage like retroviral drugs will be implemented into the initiative as well. So, the residents of Bronzeville neighborhood will have the opportunity to lessen the rate at which STI spread within their neighborhood by adhering to all advantages that will be shared during the screening, diagnosis, and treatment and disadvantages due to without going to use treatment and precautions. By setting up a proper education program, we can propose initiative as a pharmacist.

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