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Question: what would the answers be to the following questions...

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What would the answers be to the following questions?

What is nondisjunction? a, the loss of genes from a chromosome b. the failure of homologous chromosomes to separate in meiosis c. the failure of chromosomes to recombine d. the introduction of new genes to a chromosomeFemale mammals have twice as many X chromosomes as males. Which of these statements explains why females and males experience an equivalent effect of genes carried on the X chromosome? a. X chromosomes are more active in males. b. The Y chromosome is dominant to the X chromosome. C. X chromosomes are more prone to recombination. d. One of the two X chromosomes is inactivated in most body cells of females.In some cats, black colour is the result of the expression of a sex linked X-linked) recessi e gene offspring phenotypes would be expected from the cross of an orange male and a black female? o·the minanta le D produces orange colou-ribe ete z g te alico. what a. all calicos b. orange males, black females c. orange males, calico females d. black males, calico femalesWhen Mendel crossed a true-breeding, white-flowered plant with a true-breeding, purple-flowered plant, the F1generation a. all had the dominant character b. had a character ratio of 3 dominant to 1 recessive. c. were all homozygous. d. all had the recessive character.

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