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  3. when the answer is false please show a mock result...

Question: when the answer is false please show a mock result...

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The algebraic expressions below are for the database with schema pokemon(Character, CType, Stamina) captured(Location, Character) For each proposed equivalence below, say whether it is true or false in general Whenever your answer is false, give an example instance of the database where the two expressions are not equal (and show the value of the expressions for your database instance). Here π is projection that preserves duplicates Question 1 (5 points) tcharacter(pokemon) Charater(captured) captured) Tcharacter(pokemon D Character-Character Question 2 (5 points) Tcharacter(ƠLocation-Salem (ƠLocations, Wasco, (ca ptu red) ) Tcharacter(ƠLocation-Salem (captu red)) ο πcharacter(ƠLocation-Wasco (captured) ) Question 3 (5 points) ILcType (TcType Stamina(pokemon))TcTyp(cType Stamina (pokemon)) Question 4 (5 points) IcType Location( pokemon p character-character captured-πcType Location(pokemon Da Chaateharacter captured)

when the answer is false, please show a mock result that illustrates the statement.

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