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When we are under chronic stress andrelease cortisol over a longer period of time our bodies react of the following ways EXCEPT Select one: Certain areas of the brain can shrink b. Enhanced memory c. mpaired immune function d. Decreased ability to handle insulin and glucose in the blood Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the research presented on the Macaque Monkeys? Select one: a. The dominant monkeys have more perceived control over their lives than the subordinate monkeys. O b. The dominant monkeys had a higher heart rate than the subordinate monkeys. c. The subordinate monkeys are in a chronic state of stress. O d. The monkeys live in a hierarchical society, in which some show dominance over the rest. e. Subordinate monkeys had thicker atherosclerosis on their arteries than dominant monkeys. In his studies of stress and the immune system, Sheldon Cohen found that people with higher levels of cortisol in their saliva caught more colds than those with lower levels of cortisol. Select one: True False Research shows, that at equivalent income levels, African Americans and Caucasians have similar outcomes for most chronic diseases. Select one: True False

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