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Question: when you are done click on quotnext try to solve...

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When you are done, click on Next. Try to solve each problem if you possibly can. If you have no idea how to begin solving a problem, click I dont know. Question #1 On February 1, Brooks Company paid $11,700 for one year of advertising in advance Required 1. How much will be expensed by the end of the year? 2. How much will be in the Prepaid Advertising account at the end of the year, after the adjusting entries have been prepared and posted? Note: Assume a year end of December 31, and assume that the advertising will be used evenly throughout the year 1. Amount expensed s D Undo b Help Next >> I dont know O Type here to search
Thank you. You will be asked a few more questions You wont be told if your answers are correct At the end you will get a report Assessment Progress Question #2 Mr. Kelly, the owner, purchases equipment for $4,800, cash. Required What is the effect of this transaction on individual asset accounts, individual liability accounts, and the Owners Equity account? Check all that apply An asset account increases.An asset account decreases. A liability account increases. A liability account decreases. Owners Equity increases. Owners Equity decreases. Clear Undo Help Next>> I dont know 0 Type here to search 畢:0
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