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where i, is the lengln & tie ti (b) A rectangular fin is used to remove heat from a surface whose temperature is 500 C. The temperature of the ambient air is 30 ℃ with convection heat transfer coefficient of 10 W/m2 K. The thermal conductivity of the material used is 350 W/m K. The fin is 120 mm long, 100 mm wide and 5 mm thick as shown in Figure Q4. Due to safety reason, one-third of its length is insulated as shown in the figure. It is assumed that no heat flows at the sides of the fin but the tip is exposed to the same condition of the ambient air 6) Calculate and sketch the temperature distribution along the fin using three (3) equally spaced elements. Comment on the temperature distribution obtained 10 marks] (i) Calculate and sketch the element heat dissipation distribution (heat dissipation vs element) for [8 marks] 12 marks] a fin. Comment on the heat dissipation distribution obtained (ii) Determine the total heat loss for an array of 50 fins. IT: fin sides insulator fin tip fin base

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