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Where is the error in this
Codio- Lists import sys s nunbers [int (4) for i in numbers] 3. 5. Max number # Your code goes here We will pass in a list of numbers. Your job is to find the largest number in that list and output its index not the actual vale for i in range (len(numbers)): Tip: you will need to use a ubility vaniable to store the maximum value and a decision to see if each number is bigger than the current maximum value encountered in previous terations Program Output up
thern New Gcodio . Lists X Get our numbers from the comand line import sys 4 numbers sys.argvl].split( S numbers int(i) for i in numbers] 3. 5. Max number 1for i in range (len(numbers)): Program Output naxizi print (maxi) Program Faided for Input Expected Output 0 Your Program Output 0
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