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Question: which of the following are fallacies describe how each choice...

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Which of the following are fallacies? Describe how each choice is deceptive. Select all that apply. □ A Company A makes the best pickup trucks in the word. More people drive Company A pickups than any other light truck. This a urma t is deceptive □ B Society has an obligation to provide health insurance because health care is a right of citizenship. This argument is deceptive because the premise and C. I placed the quartz crystal on my forehead, and in five minutes my headache was gone. The crystal made my headache go away This argument is ロD. The patient is still breathing. He must be still alive. This argument is de e tre because it makes a generalization about people who are breathing. The because the fact that a large number of people buy Company A pickup trucks does not necessarily mean that they are the best trucks. conclusion essentially say the same thing deceptive because it claims that because one thing happened before another. the first event caused the second event, but it doesnt prove that there is any tent connection between the two events premise has nothing to do with being alive.
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