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Question: which of the following is a reason that congress is...

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Which of the following is a reason that Congress is a bicameral institution?

a. to increase efficiency and the speed by which Congress could operate

b. to allow each chamber to check each other's power

c. to increase the power of Congress relative to the other branches

d. to limit members of Congress to only two terms

Which amendment provided for the direct election of senators?

a. Seventeenth

b. Thirteenth

c. Second

d. Fifth

How many senators constitute a supermajority?

a. 60

b. 25

c. 75

d. 10

Members of Congress may send mail to their constituents free of charge. This is called

a. franking.

b. gerrymandering.

c. bulk mailing.

d. pork-barreling.

Which term refers to the redrawing of a district's boundaries?

a. campaigning

b. franking

c. muckraking

d. redistricting

Most congressional powers are listed in which section of the Constitution?

a. Article I, Section 2

b. Article II, Section 1

c. Article III, Section 1

d. Article I, Section 8

The term unanimous consent applies to which of the following?

a. the House and the Senate

b. the House

c. the Senate

d. Congress, the president, and the judiciary

Which type of congressional committee is permanent and reports to the full chamber?

a. select

b. joint

c. standing

d. special

How do freshman congress members typically choose their committee assignments?

a. by polling their constituents and determining on which committee they want representation

b. based upon the needs of their district or state

c. based upon what issues are on the public radar nationally

d. by choosing a mentor and joining his or her committee

Which is the top leadership position in the House of Representatives?

a. committee chairman

b. president pro tempore

c. majority whip

d. Speaker of the House

Where do bills concerning raising revenue originate?

a. the Senate

b. the Supreme Court

c. the House of Representatives

d. the Executive Branch

Redrawing district boundaries so that the majority of voters in a district favor of one particular party is called

a. electioneering.

b. redistricting.

c. gerrymandering.

d. franking.

Who was the first female Speaker of the House?

a. Nancy Pelosi

b. Jeanette Rankin

c. Jan Brewer

d. Hillary Clinton

How many years constitute a term in the U.S. Senate?

a. six

b. two

c. four

d. eight

What authority given to Congress has been most instrumental in expanding its power relative to the other branches of government?

a. appointments and treaties

b. regulation of commerce

c. war powers

d. taxation and appropriation

The minimum age for a House of Representatives member is _______ years, and the minimum age for a U.S Senator is _______ years.

a. 18; 21

b. 25; 30

c. 30; 35

d. 21; 25

Senators may use the _______ to delay or even prevent the passage of a bill, however, they may vote to stop it with a _______ vote.

a. gerrymander; filibuster

b. cloture; filibuster

c. filibuster; cloture

d. filibuster; gerrymander

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