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Question: which of the following is more true of insoluble fibers...

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Which of the following is MORE true of insoluble fibers than of soluble fibers?
best ability to lower cholesterol
form gels when dissolved in water
easily digested by bacteria (fermentable)

stimulate large intestine activity; prevent constipation

2, Which is the most true of a food that causes a fast glycemic response:

contains a lot of fat and/or protein and/or fiber
1 respondent 6 % causes blood glucose to rise gradually, (Incorrect answer)causes blood glucose to rise gradually
causes blood glucose to rise quickly
15 respondents 94 % does not contain much carbohydrate, (Incorrect answer)does not contain much carbohydrate
does not contain refined grains or rice

3, Which of the following is polyunsaturated?

linolenic acid, with 3 double bonds
oleic acid, with one double bond
oleic acid, with one double bond
none of the above is polyunsaturated.

4, Three fatty acids attached to glycerol is a

cholesterol or other sterols

5, Which of the following causes ketone bodies to be produced?

metabolism of fatty acids (cells using fatty acids for energy)
metabolism of glucose
conversion of amino acids to glucose
hydrolysis of starch

6, A food label for some chips states "trans fat free." In the ingredients list, you see "partially hydrogenated oil." Which of the following is true?

this product has no trans fat
this product has a small amount of trans fat
this product is fat free

this product has only unsaturated fat

7, Which of the following are TRUE about fatty acids (select all that apply):

are a component of triglycerides
are a component of phospholipids
can be used by most cells to make energy
saturated fatty acids contain multiple double bonds between carbons
cholesterol is made of fatty acids
absorbed with other fat-soluble nutrients in a chylomicron

8, Which of the following are TRUE about triglycerides (select all that apply):

contain approximately 9 kcals/gram
composed of 3 fatty acids and a glycerol
fatty acids in a triglyceride are always the same (ie, 3 oleic acids or 3 stearic acids etc)
omega-3s are examples of triglycerides
plants do not make triglycerides
cholesterol is a component of triglycerides
triglycerides that have been hydrogenated would have more trans-fats than non-hydrogenated
lipase digests triglycerides
the products of triglyceride digestion are fatty acids and monoglycerides (glycerol derivatives)

9, Identify ALL of the following which are TRUE about cholesterol:

cells need it
The liver can make it
Delivered to cells in LDLs
Contains approximately 9 kcals/gram
absorbed in blood capillaries of a villus
Part of bile salts
Made of saturated fatty acids
On a Nutrient Facts Panel, cholesterol is part of Total Fat
Cholesterol and saturated fat are the same thing

10, Which of the following are monosaccharides (select all that apply):

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