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Which of the following passages serves the purpose of writing to interpret the poem above? O Wordsworths The World is Too Much with Us does not merely mimic, but actually elevates the sonnet form that was popularized by Shakespeare.several centuries prior. While Shakespeare wrote all about his feelings of sexual love, Wordsworths paem embraces selfiess and universal theme: the relationship between human beings and the natural world. Wordsworths The World Is Too Much with Us makes me think about my own chilidhood in Los Angeles gh the natural world surrounded me, it seemed that little I saw in Nature was really mine 0 The speaker in wordsworths The world is Too Much with Us conveys a feeling of bitter disgust towards the O practices of the modem world. The paem begins by drawing a comparison between waste and getting and spending: essentially, the speaker protests the practice of consumerism. When writing about the poem above, it is correct to refer to the author as O William O William Wordsworth O Mr. Wordsworth which of the following follows the conventions of writing about literature? Select all that apply. The World Is Too Much with Us displays many features of the traditional sonnet form. D Wordsworth wrote this poem during a time known as the Romantic Period. □ The poem began with a statement about the waste and consume nsm of the modern world l My examination of wordsworths sonnet proves his bitter disgust towards the modern world D Ultimately, Wordsworth hates the world in which he fives

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