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Which RNA serves as the link between the coding information in the mRNA and the amino acid? a) rRNA b) snRNA c) tRNA d) mRNA Shown below are the wild type mRNA sequence (left) for a short polypeptide (right) this represent? . In the line pe sequence, is one that contains a single mutation. What type of mutation does Polypeptide Wild type: Mutant Nucleotide Sequence AUG AUA CUA GAA AAC UGA AUG AUA CUA UAA AAC UGA MILEN MIL a) Nonsense b) Missense c) Deletion d) Silent The bond that joins two nucleotides together is called a: a. N-glycosidic bond b. Phosphomonoester bond c. Peptide bond d. Phosphodiester bond The complement of this sequence 3 AGCCAGTTCGAT 5 that would be found in a DNA duplex would be? a. 3TCGGTCAAGCTA 5 b. 5AGCCAGTTCGAT3 C. 5TCGGTCAAGCTA 3. d. 5TAGCTTGACCGA3 NH CH The amino acid shown to the right would be categorized as: CH a. Acidic b. Non-polar c. Basic d. Polar uncharged In a nucleotide that is not part of a polymer, the phosphate group is attached at this position of the sugar a. 5 position b. 2 position C. d. 3, position 1 position
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