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reptiles? A. The keratinized skin of the reptiles serves to insulate and co B. the metabolism of the 47. Why is the term cold-blooded not very appropriate for reptiles can generate internal heat for temperature control. environment behavioral adaptations. C. the scales of reptiles serve to rid excess body heat by reradiation to the D. .Reptiles regulate body temperature by using various mechanisms such as E.Reptiles swallow large prey whole to provide enough food to generate body heat. 48. Which of the following is characteristic of all mammals and not of any other living vertebrates? A. hair. B. milk producing glands. C. A and B. D. endothermy E. placenta. 49. The monotremes are classified as mammals because they A. are endotherms. B. are carnivores. C. are omnivores. D. have mammary glands. E. give birth to live young rather than lay eggs. Which of the following adaptations allowed reptiles to complete their life cycles on land? A. lungs. B. endothermic metabolism. C. an amniotic egg 50. D. four legs. E. pack behavior.
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