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Part 2.(6 polnts) Normal Distrlbutlons Some companies grade on a bell curve to compare the performance of their managers and professional workers. This forces the use of some low performance ratings so that not all workers are listed as above average. Ford Motor Companys performance management process for this year assigned 10% A grades, 80% B grades, and 10% C grades to the companys managers. Suppose Fords performance scores really are Normally distributed. This year, managers with scores less than 150 received C grades and those with scores of at least 356 received A grades. Performance Scores 10% 80% 10% (2 point) What are the z scores associated with the 10th and 90th percentiles from the standard normal distribution? a. 150 356 b. (2 point) What is the mean and standard deviation of the performance scores? Show work. Winter 2019 ST 314 Data Analysis 02 (2 point) Suppose the company adds grades D and Fso there are 5 categories to grade performance. If they want to give As only to those in the top 396, what performance score must a manager exceed to get an A? c.
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