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Question: with this assignment what is required is a ui prototype...

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With this assignment, what is required is a UI prototype or mock up. While the requirements discuss functionality, do not code that for this assignment as that is what you will code for chapter three's project. Note that projects that do not contain all assignment documentation as stated in the textbook (Use Case and/or Event Planning Docs) assignment page, object naming conventions as noted in the textbook chapters as well as Appendix B, and introductory comments and comments describing the intention of the procedure and function code will not receive full credit. Therefore, for this assignment the Use Case Definition is required in addition to your Visual Basic project.Case Programming Assignments 3 Create a Use Case Definition document and design a Windows form mock-up based on the requirements CAMPUS MUSIC CAFE document in Figure 2-65. REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT Date: Date Submitted: Application Campus Music Cafe October 13, 2018 Title This Windows Classic Desktop application displays a welcome screen to market the Campus Music Café performance. The user can choose an option to view the date, start location, and details. Purpose: Program Procedures From a window on the screen, the user makes a request to see the performances date, start location, and details. Algorithms, 1. The user first views a Campus Music Cafe window that isplays the title (Campus Processing, and Music Café Open Mic Night), a cafe picture, and a phrase that states that all college Conditions: students are welcome. 2. When the user chooses to view the date, start location, and details, the following information is displayed: October 30, 2018 Open Mic Start Time: 8:00 PM For more information, view the Campus Music Cafs Facebook page. After the user views the Campus Music Cafes information, the only allowable action is to exit the window. Notes and Restrictions Design your own layout. omments:Locate your own image online for use in Chapter 3 FIGURE 2-65

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