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Word count: typed, size 12 font, max. one page double-sided, double-spaced Due date: By the start of your Lab 3, either by email or give to your instructor Each summer, mountain pine beetles emerge from the bark of their host tree and fly to a new host tree where they will mate and lay their eggs. Adult pine beetles come to the surface when temperatures exceed 16°C, and most beetles will fly within three days. They prefer to fly in high light intensities, although they can also fly in low light intensities. The beetles will not fly if temperatures drop below 19°C or if wind speeds exceed 7 km/h. Heavier beetles usually fly sooner than lighter beetles and younger beetles usually fly sooner than older beetles. Males and females are equally likely to fly Table 1. Environmental conditions at the two forest sites. Forest A ForestB Air Temp.Wind Cloud Cover Air Temp. Wind Cloud Cover Day Speed Speed km/hr km/hr 12.4 -15.3 11.1 -14.6 15.5 -18.2 16.3 -18.8 19.2 20.4 23.2 - 29.4 65 69 July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6 10.9 - 12.4 11.2 -15.3 19.2 20.7 22.1 27.5 22.8 -29.2 23.4 30.7 13 10 57 21 9 70 45 15 4 0Table 2. Biological characteristics of the mountain pine beetles at the two forest sites. Weight range (mg) Age range (days) Forest A 15-19 mg 23 - 27 days Forest B 13- 17 mg 25-29 days Based on the information provided above, answer the question: At which forest site are the mountain pine beetles likely to start flying first? Present your answer in the format of a scientific explanation in the boxes on the next page.Scientific explanation assignment Hand in a copy of this page with the marking rubric stapled to the front of it. (Both are available in Canvas.) Please type and use full sentences. Claim: Evidence and reasoning/integration:

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