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Question: workh driverc using c i need to create workc file...

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// given two int values, return 1 if they can be added without // overflow or underflow, otherwise return 0 // Your code must follow the Bit-Level Integer Coding Rules // on the textbook, page 128-129, you can assumew32 // The only al lowed operations in your code are: // This requirement is more restrictive than the coding rules // Note that this is different from practice problem 2.30 // because relative comparison operators (<, >, < and ) are forbidden // by the Bit-Level Integer coding rules. And local operations&&II are not // al lowed either int addoK( int a, int b); #end i f


int myAddOK( int a, int b) I int sum = a + b; return !neg_over && !pos_over: void test ingAddoK int a[] = {0, -1, INT-MIN, INT-MAX, OxFFFF0000); int bl-10 INT MAX, -1, 3, 0xFFFF0001 int i int ok: int okStudent for (i =0; i 5: i++) { okStudentaddoK(ali, bl]): printf ok to add solution: XdWn , ok); printf ok to add student answer: dWn, okStudent) if (okStudentok) f printf( pass ₩n); else printf-fail-n)

Using C, I need to create work.c file with few operations that are allowed to use.

Thanks for your help!

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