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Working with curves Each curve that you place on the graph will have at least three control points connected by a curved line. Rather than dragging each point onto the graph from the palette individually (as with connected points), you must drag the entire object onto the graph as a single unit. You can then change the shape by selecting and dragging one of the control points, or you can move the entire curve as a whole and retain its shape by selecting any point on the curve between the control points and moving the intact curve around the graph. As with connected points, it is important to plot the points in the proper order. Use the purple curve (diamond symbols), labeled Curve 1, to connect the points shown on the graph so that the curve passes through the points in the following order: (1,4), (3,6), (5,4). Then use the green curve (triangle symbols) labeled Curve 2, to connect those same points, this time passing through the points in the following order: (1,4), (5,4) (3,6) Curve 1 Curve 2 0 1234 7810 Compare the features of the connected points and curves by indicating which of the following statements are true of which object. Check all that apply Note: If the statement is not true for either of the objects, leave the entire row unchecked Connected Points Statement You can adjust the position of the object on the graph without changing its shape by selecting it in between the marked points and moving it around the graph. Your score depends on the order in which If you plot one point incorrectly and the others correctly, you will receive partial credit for that object. Selec Curves you plot the points. ting points may reveal the coordinates Grade It Now Save & Continue Continue without saving

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