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Question: write a c program to solve a laplaces equation using...

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Physics 800 Assignment 1 Given: January 10, 2019 Due: January 25, 201S Problems: 1: 5, 12, 13. 4. A rectangular trough of infinite length and cross sectional dimensions of 1.0 em, b-2.0 cm, is shown in the figure. Three sides are grounded, and the top side is held at 100 V V-V gap V=0 (a) Write a Fortran, C++, or Python program to solve Laplaces equation using the finite element method. Divide the region into 50 equally sized triangles. (b) Modify your program to divide the region into 500 equally sized triangles (if you did your coding in an intelligent manner, the modification should be straight- forward). Comment on the improvement in obtained precision of the solution. Marks will be given for the insight displayed in your discussion, as well as the validity of your numerical answer (c) Compare the finite element solution to the exact solution (found via separation of variables in rectangular co-ordinates) of 4o inT sinh , n- 2k +1 ko sinh

Write a C++ program to solve a Laplace's Equation using finite element method!

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