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Question: write a fanuc milling cnc program for the following all...

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Write a fanuc milling cnc program for the following. All linear dimensions need to be multiplied by 2 Radius is 4.62. Diameters and other noted dimensions stay the same. Material thickness:5 Slock: varies x.75Thick R1-stays the same 35 0 5 MOHAWK COLLEGE MILD STEE ASSIGNMENT λdd . 1 x your tudent nutter toall 1inear dinensions unless otherwise speclfied DLaneters stay the sane TOLERANCES UNESS OTHERWISE SPEC UINSPECIFIE ED ANGLES 12ASTAN XxXX 1.005 XXX 101 D RAD 015 MAX XX-015 UNSPECFIED FINISH 63uinRA MA 001 Climb Millinşg 1 Rough Contour in one step: - no radius compensation (o15 allowance) T1 1dia (4 flutes) 2. Finish Contour full depth T2-.5 dia (4 flutes) - use radius compensation 3. Drilling through-T3 - .375 dia 4 Drilling through- T4 - -4375 dia 5. Drilling through-T5 - .5 dia For drilling use min 1 breakthrough. Use absolute positioning and add safe codes. Start and finish off the part.

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