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Question: write a python program use doctrings and comment in the...

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Write a PYTHON program. Use doctrings and comment in the code for explanations.
The program describe the retirement nest eggs resulting from making 2 different monthly investment. The program should prompt for the below inputs:

The intial balance in the retirement account.
The current age of investor.
The desired retirement age of the investor.
The expected nominal annual rate of return on the investment
Two monthly investment amounts.
Then write a function Investments nce, age, retireAge, rate, monthlyi, monthly2) es the final balance in the retirement account, for each monthly in- compareInve that com when the investor reaches his or her retirement age. The interest on the ce should compound monthly at a rate of rate 100 / 12. The currehould plot the growth of the retirement account balance for both monthly iunchiont amots, and then print the two final balances along with the additional that results from the higher monthly investment. For example, your output might look like this: Initial balance: 1000 Current age: 20 Retirement age: 70 Nominal annual percentage rate of return: 4.2 Monthly investment 1: 100 Monthly investment 2: 150 The final balance from investing $100.00 per month: $212030.11 The final balance from investing $150.00 per month: $313977.02 If you invest $50.00 more per month, you will have $101946.91 more at 350000 $100.00 per month $150.00 per month - 30 3 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 Age Suppose you are 30 and, after working for a few years, have invest $200 per month save $6,000 for retirement. If you continue to еду? Hoemuyou have when you retire at age 72 if your investment grows 3% per ir more will you have if you invest $50 more per month?
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