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Write a shell script!

b. Word-Character Count (Iwcc) Write a script (called Iwce) to count and report the number of characters and words in each line of a given file(s). The input to the script is a file list (one or more files separated by a space). The reported output shall include, for each file, the file name followed by a colon (:) on one line, and starting from the next line it shall print one triplet ### wc## cc###, per line of the input file, such that five triplets, separated by |, are printed per output line For example, suppose the input file is called abcd which contains the 5 lines above, then the output of the command lwcc abed would print the following: abcd: 001 wc19 cce99 002 wc21 cc101 003 wc19 cc100 e04 wc19 cce99 005 wc14 cc073 Test your seripts thoroughly before you submit the assignment, to make sure it will do the tasks as described and make sure that all possible errors are handled correctly
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