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Missile target practice problem (discussed in class but restated here with modified numbers): Suppose that independent missiles A, B and C have probabilities 0.52, 0.48 and 0.375 of htting a practice target, respectively. Assume that the target will be destroyed with probability 0.25 if hit by a single missile, 0.49 ifhi with two missiles and 0.88 if hit by a three missiles. Find; a. The probability that the target is destroyed. b. The probability that the target is destroyed by a single missile knowing that t is destroyed. The probability that the target is destroyed by missile B knowing that it is destroyed c.


Empirically test your theoretical answers to Problem #1 as computed in the pre-lab exercise. Follow this approach: Use your missile function to simulate one instance of the experiment. Generate a main script ab03.m that calls your missile function many times and compute averages of the desired quantities. Be sure to seed the random number generator only once at the start of your main script. .The empirically found probabilities should be determined by finding the appropriate average as a simple ratio of the appropriate quantities (i.e., different from how the the oretical answer was derived). For ex ample, to find the empirical

solution to Problem #11, you should evaluate the ratio of the number of ships destroyed by one missile to the total number of destroyed ships. Do not use the theoretically derived equations to calculate any part of the empirical result .Neatly report your empirical results to the user using formatted output. It is good practice to compare your empirical results to the theoretically determined quantities. You can just hardcode your theoretical findings directly in your program. Including percent difference is a nice touch!

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