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Write the number of the question next to the right answer letter, ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS OR NONE!

QUESTION 8 When communicating with someone from a low-contact culture, it would be wise to O A. relax your posture. O B. touch often. C. maintain a direct body orientation. D. maintain an erect posture. O E. avoid touch.
QUESTION5 According to research by Grice, being informative during interpersonal conversations requires the speaker to do all of the following EXCEPT O A present information that is appropriate. O B. present all relevant information. C. be a cooperative verbal communicator O D.be ethical. O E. use different dialects QUESTION According to the cooperative principle, being relevant often means speakers need to O A provide information that is appropriate O B. use information that is honest. ( C. use information that separates one from the listener. O D.use information that is fair. O E. use information applicable to the situation.
QUESTION 7 Connotative meaning when compared to denotative meaning is O A. more literal. O B. is probably found on dictionary.com. 0 c, used more in close, personal relationships. O D. more serious. O E. less emotional and personal.
QUESTION 10 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that distinguishes aggressive language from prejudiced language? O A. targets unique personal attributes O B. targets someones group affililation ° C. profanity is used O D. intentional goal to injure a persons feelings O E. attacks an individuals intelligence, weight, or physical ability
QUESTION 13 Which strategy can be used to achieve cooperative verbal communication? A. avoid using We, language O B. watch the film Yours, Mine, and Ours. O C. increase use of We language D. increase use of language O E. increase use of You language
QUESTION 15 Any language has its own rules, such as spelling grammar, and the way to pronounce words. This demonstrates what language feature? O A none of the options are correct O B. regulative rules C. denotative meaning O D.constitutive rules O E connotative meaning
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