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Written assignment two (sections 6.2-6.3) Problem 1: Find the exact values of the six trigonometric ratios of an angle θ if (-1,-5) is a point on the terminal side. Sketch the angle first, showing it in the correct quadrant, form a triangle, and be sure to get the value of the hypotenuse (radius) before proceeding. Get r: Sketch and label triangle in the correct quadrant: Trigonometric ratios: sin O csc θ cos θ- seco- cote-
em 2: Find the exact values for each of the following, using the unit circle. In each case, need to figure out what the standard position of the angle would be - where in the interval [0, 2π) does the terminal side of the angle fall? Be sure to indicate what angle it is that youll 13π you are looking at. For example,if the question is indsinyou should indicate with your answer that 13r . π 1 17π a) cosi- tan(-43). 15m Problem 3: Find the exact value of the expression (simplify). Then, check your answer- compute the decimal approximation to the original expression, and the decimal approximation to your final answer. They should match. Show the check. 5sec + 3 tan-
Problem 4: Of the six trigonometric functions, identify which have the following properties Circle the correct functions for each question. a) Have a domain of all real numbers? sint cost tant csct sect cot b) Are undefined for all multiples of π ? sint cost tant csc seccott c) Are undefined for odd multiples of sint cos tani esc sect cott d) Have a range of (-o,)? sint cos tant csct sect cot e) Have a range of [-1,1]? sin cost tan csct sect cot f) Have no function values lying between -land 1? sint cost tant csct sec cotr B) Are symmetric about the origin? sint cost tant csct sect cot t
h) Are even functions? sint cost tant csct se cott i) Have period 2π? sint cost tan t sct sectc sect cot t j) Have period π? sint cost tant csct sect cott
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