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wv2] Online teach. Χ G Cost Of Units Transferred at A XI + takeAssignment/takeAssgnment Main.doinvoker assignments&take AssignmentSessiontocator s assignment-takešinprogress-false elook Show M0 How El Cal lator Cost of Units Transferred Out and Ending Work in Process The cost, per equivalent unit of direct materials and conversion in the Fillng Oepartment of Eve Cosmetic Conpany are soas and S260. equlvalent unvits to be assigned costs are as follows Equivalent Units Direct Materials Conversion tnventory in process, beginning of perlod Started and completed during the period Transferred out of Filing (completed) inventory in process, end of period Total units to be assigned costs 2,000 32.000 3,000 5,000 2.600 2.000 34.500 800 36,400 The beginning won in process inventory had a cost of s1,6 process inventory If reaulred round to the nearest dolil s Compieted and transterred-eut production 90 Determire the cost of completed aed transferres-out productian and tnventory in process, ending

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