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X Zakirrah Johnsons Home Page × | X Statistics A: Binomial Distribution Dc С 슬 https://www.connexus.com/content/chrome/online essonviewer.aspx Apps ConnectWise Contro! New Tab Search G launchpad humana-launchp Lesson 2: Binomial Distributions Statistics A Unit 7: Probability Distributions distribution, find the probability that exactly 7 of the outcomes are heads. O 0.120 0.001 0.500 9-A specific brand name has an 80% recognition rate. Ten people are randomly s area to determine if the rate is valid. What is the probability that exactly 8 peop brand? 0.800 1.000 0.151 e 0.302 10. The probability of drawing a heart from a standard deck of cards is 0.25. You you draw and return the card before shuffling to ensure a binomial distribution 20 times, what is the probability that you will draw a heart 7 times? 0.888 0.001 0.112 0.473
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