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xample: Problem S. - A normal shock wave occurs in a nozzle in which air is steadily flowing. Because the shock has a very small thickness, changes in flow variables across the shock may be assumed to occur without change of cross-sectional area. The velocity just upstream of the shock is 500 m/s, the static pressure is 50 kPa and the static temperature is 250 K. On the downstream side of the shock the pressure is 137 kPa and the temperature is 343.3 K. Determine the velocity of the air just downstream of the shock. 쁘500 m/s P1 50 kPa T1 = 250K A1 A2 p2 # 137kPa T2 343.3 K
1.3 Air flows steadily through a circular jet ejector. (Refer to Figure 1.15.) The primary jet flows through a 10-cm-diameter tube with a velocity of 20 m/s. The secondary flow is through the annular region that surrounds the primary jet. The outer diameter of the an- nular duct is 30 cm, and the velocity entering the annulus is 5 m/s. If the flows at both the inlet and exit are uniform, determine the exit velocity. Assume the air speeds are small enough that the flow may be treated as an incompressible flow (ie, a flow in which the density is constant).
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