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xDAssessment Playe -) С О ù https. . assessment education wley corn wprg/apiv 1/Tvproducts/82d889eO 50024e7b6978-a76 9848b6ed1/assessments/04 Manufacturing cost data for Copa Company are presented below Indicate the missing amount for each letter (a) through (0. Case A Case B Case C Direct materials userd Direct labor Manufacturing overhead Total manufacturing costs Work in process 1/1/17 Total cost of work in process Work in process 12/31/17 Cost of goods manufactured $70.,400 90,100 84.910 131800 61.310 51.150 197,300 104,600 258,800 18.060 th) 225,810 338,300 73,580 190.400 to Gradeboolk tab
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