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Y eRaide leek a ㅠ Blackb M https:/ Notific 『Psycho Lecture Quix-2·WE 23. D Quiz 1 M https:/ M Inbox 0 (34) Fre e GetHo С File l file:///C/Users/forre/Downloads/Quiz%201.pdf ::: Apps D 2 months ago CDA Connect inbox (260)-forrest Name Quiz 1 WE 2310 The following table presents the probabilities for the number of times that a certain computer system will crash in the course of a week. Let A be the event that there are more than two crashes during the week, let B be the event that the system crashes at least once. Probability 0.60 0.30 0.05 0.04 0.01 Number of Crashes Find the sample space. Then find the subscts of the sample space that correspond to the events A and B. Then find P(A) and PB)

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