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Y you are given three clac Get Hemework Heb w x As A Nevice Phyloge ㄨ e Get Homen k Help w 沓Clemson Login 5ervice Classificalion and Evol × h Microsoft Word BOL X × C O File | file:/!/C 450 Classification%20and%20Evolution%20Assignment-S19%20(1).pdf 1. You are given three cladograms that represent possible evolutionary relationships for 3 taxa identified as 1, 2 and 3. Consider three characters, the number of toes on the front foot, skin covering and tail: with the ancestral character-state having 5 toes, scaly skin and a tai. f each taxon had the following characters: Taxon Characters 5 toes 4 toes 5 toes scales scales no scales no tail no tail tail Which cladogram represents the most parsimonious phylogeny? -(1 pt) te Briefly state WHY? (2 pts) a BIOL8450 Classitic.palr Show allX 6:35 PM 2/1/2019

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