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Years: << setw(6) << years <endl; setw(6) << months << endl; sendl se return 0; Programming Questions: 8. Stadium Seating (9 points) There are three seating categories at a stadium. For a softball game, Class A seats cost $15, Class B seats cost $12, and Class C seats cost $9. Write a program that asks how many tickets for each class of seats were sold, then displays the amount of income generated from ticket sales. Format ur dollar amount in fixed-point notation, with two decimal places of precision, and be sure the decimal point is always displayed. 9. Male and Female Percentages (9 points) Write a program that asks the user for the number of males and the number of females registered in a class. The program should display the percentage of males and females in the class. Hint Suppose there are 8 males and 12 females in a class. There are 20 students in the class. The percentage of males can be calculated as 8-20-04, or 40% The percentage of females can be calculated as 12 20 0.6, or 60%. MacBook Air #7 F5
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