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Question: yok c p ration issued 4 10year bonds read the...

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Yok C p ration issued 4 10-year bonds Read the rcquirements Requireinent 1. Revard ปาษ tsuance u B tace value ot $1.300 00 ล1a price o 90 on July 1 2018 he bonds pay interest eech January 1 and Juey 1 Yokuses estraig t ine an o zation method to all bond pre un e and discount The company has ล t cal yaa endot Uecember 31 of U1 bunds un July 1, 2013 Record debite firsL then credis. Exclude explareloris hum anyjournal enties) Joumal Entry Date Accounts Debit Credit 2018 11/0,000 130,000 Jul 1 Cash Discount un Bonds Payable Bonds Payable 1.300,000 RAN Iramant 2 Raro tha a nual or a cash inte est payable on tha ho ds and tha amntization n any p n um or d secu t n tha bon s nn Daca her 20 18 ano d d h s trst man na t ser da op nations n m any srnal ล es Journal Entry Date Accounts Dahir Credit Dac 31

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